Choosing Your Storage Facility

Published on 1/9/2017

Finding the Right RV & Boat Storage

StL Storage

The end of summer is officially upon us. As you return home, RV's, boats, and ATV's are beginning to take up that extra space in your garage, backyard, or next to the garbage can on the side of the house. You need a storage unit to free up your space and you need it now. You go to Google and see there are seven RV and boat storage facilities in your town. How do you know which one to go with? How do you know which one has the features you need for your RV or boat? Here are some key features to consider when trying to pick the right RV and boat storage facility. 

What are your storage options for cars, boats, and RV's?

Every storage facility out there is different, they're like snowflakes. However, most there are usually key categories that RV and boat storage facilities will fall into. 

These categories are:

1. Enclosed Storage-This is a standard storage unit you would use for personal or business storage.  If your vehicle can go into the space without causing damage, most storage facilities allow clients to store boats, RVs, and cars in these units. Some are even climate-controlled.
2. Covered Storage-Most RV and Boat storage facilities offer covered storage. This is an open air storage that prevents any wear and tear from the elements like sun and rain.
3. Outdoor Storage-Most storage facilities rent out parking spots within the gates for vehicles that are completely open air storage with no covering available. 

Are all vehicles allowed in self storage?

One thing you should do before driving all the way to the RV and boat storage facility is call the facility and ask what are the requirements for the vehicle. Some facilities require you to drain all the fluids out of the vehicle that way it doesn't leak and damage the property. Also, facilities may require you to show proof of title or insurance before you store your RV and boat with the facility. 

Should you winterize your RV, car or boat before putting it into storage?

RVs, cars and boats have systems onboard that do not take well to long-term storage without proper preparation.  Damage can happen to vehicles that are not winterized including frozen pipes, corrosion, and leaks.  These vehicles, unless in climate-controlled storage, are subject to external temperature fluctuations as well as humidity levels.  Hot and cold extremes can cause damage as well as high levels of moisture.  Winterization is the best option before putting these vehicles into storage.

Where can you park your car, boat, or RV?

You need to give us a call here at StL Storage in Wentzville, Missouri.  We can help you find the perfect spot to put your vehicle. We offer plenty of options for boat, RV and car storage in self storage. Give us a call today.