Why You Need a Climate Controlled Storage Unit

Published on 12/2/2016

What is Climate Controlled Storage?

Climate control is an additional feature we offer at StL Storage located in Wentzville, Missouri.  Climate controlled rooms are kept at a temperature range between 50 and 80 degrees to help protect your stored belongings from extreme temperatures and harmful humidity that we experience here in the Midwest. 

Climate controlled storage is a good option for anyone using a self-storage facility. The cycle between hot and cold temperatures throughout the year can warp and weaken metal, wood and plastics. Clothing and other fabrics can also begin to wear down and grow mold or mildew because of harmful humidity.

Below is a list of some of the items that would benefit from the extra climate control protection.  Do you have any of these items?

  • Computers
  • Wood
  • Photographs & Film
  • Books
  • Antiques
  • Art & Collectibles
  • Furniture
  • Metal
  • Leather
  • Important Documents
  • CDs, DVDs, Cassette Tapes, Record Collections
  • Musical Instruments
  • TVs

How long will you need self-storage?

When you rent a self storage unit, it's important to remember that your items might be in storage for a while. If you move into the unit in the Spring, your items will be exposed to the heat, humidity and cold of other seasons over the course of the year.

What is the climate like in the area that you want to store your items?

Since we are located in the St. Louis area, we are faced with a climate that experiences extra cold winters, hot summers, or humidity. You may also experience a combination of these different temperature changes throughout the year. If so, it's a good idea to use climate controlled storage to help protect your items.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at 636-529-1541, email us at www.ministoragestl.com or send us a Facebook message at www.facebook.com/stlstorage/